YouTube Violating Their Own Policy, U.K. Law, By Hosting Anti-Semitic Videos

Google is violating their own policy against posting anti-Semitic videos by letting them stay on YouTube for weeks, sometimes resulting in significant ad revenue for the hateful poster.

Their failure to remove the content is not only a violation of their own guidelines, but against the law in many countries, including the U.K.

One of the world’s biggest advertising agencies, Havas has pulled hundreds of clients off of Google’s advertising network after The Times revealed that taxpayers and large companies were inadvertently funding the extremists through their advertising. Dozens of other companies have followed suit and withdrawn their business.

Upon further investigation, the British paper found more than 200 virulently anti-Semitic videos currently being hosted on YouTube.

In some cases, the offensive videos were uploaded years ago and have attracted hundreds of thousands of views. Some even hosted advertising, suggesting anti- Semites may be profiting from well-known brands.

Anti-Semitic messages are banned in the U.K., but the paper also found videos by rape apologists and others. Video posters can receive as much as $7.60 for every 1,000 views a video receives. Some of the most popular videos they found have more than one million hits.

Havas previously spent about $43 million in Google advertising, but they announced they have pulled all of it, saying they had a duty to protect their clients’ reputations.

The videos promote stereotypes, including the idea that Jews control banks, media and politicians, start wars for profit and keep “white people” in slavery. Many glorify the Nazis, deny the Holocaust or perpetuate the blood libel that Jews kill Christian children. Some are fronted by well-known extremists such as David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader, while others are narrated by faceless racists.

One of the videos claimed the Jews killed Christian children every year at Passover and sold their bodies to McDonalds for hamburger. It had more than a million hits and is estimated to have received more than $6,000 in ad revenue.

In order to do business in Europe, Google signed a “code of conduct,” promising to remove items flagged as “hate speech” within 24 hours.

The EU committee in charge of regulating Google reported one particular anti-Semitic video produced by David Duke titled “Jews Admit to Organizing White Genocide.” Google refused to remove that video, citing free speech policies.

Keep in mind, gentle reader:

In the United States, our First Amendment guarantees broader protections to individuals, but as a private service, Google is fully within their rights to remove any videos they please, for any reason. It does not violate the First Amendment for a private company to refuse to broadcast or host or disseminate an individual’s message.

It is not “censorship” for a newspaper, television station or website to refuse to broadcast, air or host any message at all. Censorship is when the government bans the messages, not when individual people or companies do.