Boy Kidnapped by ISIS Returns Home and Shocks Family With This Statement

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This boy was one of more than 140 Syrian Kurdish schoolboys kidnapped by ISIS on their way home from final exams nearly 4 months ago.

When asked by CNN reporter Arwa Damon about his experience the newly released boy, Merwan Mohammed Hussein said, “When ISIS first grabbed me I was terrified.”

Merwan went on to describe his ordeal. “They took us to the mosque and they had us pray. They taught us to pray and we went to the school,” Merwan said.

The school would become their prison where they were interrogated, beaten and indoctrinated with ISIS’ version of Islam. They were forced to watch beheadings and amputations.

“They hit me with cables… Others were more severely beaten, some electrocuted, even hung from the ceiling,” Merwan said. “We were afraid of them. When are they going to kill us? Today? Tomorrow?”

But then something changed. According to Merwan, “We found out the truth, that they don’t just slaughter someone without evidence without finding out if they are infidel or not.”

When asked by the reporter what Merwan thought of his ISIS captors and their beliefs…

Merwan responded “They are right.”

Watch the CNN interview here.

This is so sad and horrifying. It is hard to blame Merwan for his thinking. He spent 4 months being indoctrinated under the most vile of conditions and ruled by fear. I fear for his future and am heartbroken for his family. What do you think?

H/T: The Blaze