Defiant Louisiana Sheriff Will Pray At July 4th Rally to Celebrate Freedom; Mocks ACLU & PC Culture

The 4th of July is the perfect day to celebrate the First Amendment and your freedom to worship as you please and this Sheriff gets that.

He and his supporters plan to stage another “In God We Trust Rally in Bossier City, Louisiana on Friday.

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Via Shreveport Times:

On July 4, Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington and a team of supporters plan to celebrate their freedom to worship as they please.

The parish’s top lawman doesn’t see how it’s anyone’s business how or when he prays except the people who elected him to his office, and he believes those folks are behind him when he says, “In God we trust.” He’ll be saying as much Friday at a rally offering food, music, fun and prayer.

“Not only am I elected to serve the people of Bossier Parish, but I live here and my family lives here. I think Bossier Parish is a better place with Christianity and Christian values involved in it. I am an elected official. I’m also a citizen here. I think this is what’s best for us. I don’t work for anybody in Washington. What they do, what they say, I couldn’t really care less,” Whittington said. “We’re No. 1 in a lot of areas. The fastest growing parish north of I-10, a safe community, great schools, good government. Frankly, we know how to operate and what to do.”


“Last year, we didn’t really know what we were doing and we had so many people, so much reaction from people, so we held the event and over 1,000 people showed up and said, ‘We agree with you. For a nation that was founded on Christian values, our government was formed around it, it’s on our money, it’s in our oath, we pledge as elected officials, to somehow now say it’s somehow taboo or you have to run with it is ridiculous. We agree with you. Stick with it,’” Whittington said.

Watch as Bobby Jindal speaks at last years event:

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This Sheriff gets it and I wish more public officials would reject political correctness and take a stand for freedom. Please share this post if you agree!