HILARIOUS Video Shows What ‘Education’ Looks Like In Public Schools

Honestly, this satirical video is more frightening than it is hilarious given what we see in today’s pathetic society.

It shows a group of students in a classroom who hand in projects and are awarded points based on those projects. It becomes disturbing when all of the points are “equalized” — think a trophy for everyone — and students are then given points based on social justice.

There are four students in the class: a bisexual white girl, a straight white guy, a mentally disabled Asian guy who claims to be gay and trans, and then a character who has brown skin with his sexual orientation unknown. Each group, except the straight white guy, gets special points for being a “minority.”

The video essentially mocks the ridiculous political correctness and insane “social justice” BS that people around the world have to put up with from the extreme left. The SJWs in the video get violently angry that they are questioned, throwing logic and reasoning out the door. Their feelings are far more important than reality, which is the point of the video.

The video’s creator is a comedian from Australia and explained the video in an interview around the time it came out. Some points from Konbini:

As for the gender and race equality debate as a whole, well I think a certain level of political correctness and respect for minorities is a very positive thing but when it goes too far and people just react viciously towards anything that is perceived to be even minutely offensive without a proper analysis, that’s when we tread into dangerous territory.

Again, some level of political correctness is good but I suppose if we define ‘Social Justice Warriors’ as those who take their political views on ‘equality’ to an intellectually militant level then yes, I don’t agree with their methods.

However I think many of them have good intentions they just lack the ability to think critically and properly analyze things because we’re so accustomed to just reacting emotionally to things and making immediate judgements of character without any sort of research or thought. Modern Educayshun is meant to depict how these reactive actions can adversely impact society.

You’ve seen this social-justice mindset gone crazy around the country, especially on college campuses. While the creator may be mocking these people, they exist, and their behavior is exactly the same in real life as it is portrayed here.

Groupthink is the only thought that is to be tolerated, and if you don’t step in line, you will be silenced.