Minority Children Curse At, Flip Off Donald Trump Supporters


Black and Hispanic children were filmed “protesting” Donald Trump’s visit by making vulgar gestures and cursing at his supporters as they drove by.

One child sported a Bernie Sanders sticker, while another waved a sign that said “F*** Donald Trump.” Yet another child wore a sombrero and held a sign saying “brown pride.” They were recorded cursing at passersby in English and Spanish, while a person behind them held up a poster board adorned with the ironic words “No Hate.”

The video below is not fit for the workplace, the ears of children, or those who are easily offended by vulgar language. You could probably turn the volume off and still get the same message, based on their actions.

You don’t need to be a Trump supporter to know that this behavior is absolutely deplorable and hypocritical. If I thought they were capable of shame, I’d say they should be embarrassed for themselves.