This Six-Year-Old Just Dropped a BRUTAL 5 Word Truth Bomb on Hillary


If you ever need the brutal truth about something, ask a child. They don’t know how to be politically correct, or say things they don’t mean, they just speak their minds and sometimes, it’s truly wonderful.

Donald Trump visited an Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada where one 6-year-old little girl had a very strong opinion about Hillary Clinton

Watch the video below:

“One of the ladies that wants to be president are actually bad. And she steals.”

This little girl is more politically aware than most voting-age adults! She is definitely going places.

The adorable video above is also proof that children DO listen, so teach them young. They may look or act like they’re not interested in what you’re saying or doing, but they will pick up on it.

The only way to keep the progressive education system from digging their claws into your child is to get involved in the education process, and teach them what they’re not learning in public school.