VIDEO: Ted Cruz Has HILARIOUS Phone Call With ‘Donald Trump’


Ted Cruz made an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and the result is a side-splitting conversation between Cruz and “Donald.”

Cruz and Fallon hit all of the important topics including immigration, Obamacare, Hillary Clinton and Colorado.

Of course, the topic of Trump’s hands was revisited, and the “yuge wall” was referenced, and a “Canadian” jab was made. All-in-all it made for some quality entertainment.

Watch the video below:

Here is my favorite segment from the video:

“Trump”: “Okay here’s another question Jimmy might ask, what is your stance on immigration?”

Cruz: “Well, Donald, first of all, we need to put an end to President Obama’s amnesty-”

“Trump”: “WALL.”

Cruz: “- and I believe we need to secure the border once and for all-”

“Trump”: “Once and for WALL.”

Cruz: “- and start enforcing the rule of law.”

“Trump”: “Law spelled backward is WAAAAALLLL! YUGE!”

What was your favorite part of the video? Let us know in the comments!