VIDEO: What These Students DON’T KNOW About The SCOTUS Will Surprise You


With the recent passing of Justice Antonin Scalia and the consequent argument about nominees, it seems appropriate to question just how much college students know about the functions of the highest court in the land.

Dan Joseph with MRC TV hit George Mason University to ask students a series of fairly simple questions regarding the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the answers he received do not bode well for the next generation.

Here’s a quick recap of answers:

“They determine laws, right?”

“I know something about the checks and balances that it does.”

“The state and the Supreme Court should, like, give back to the community.” (She admits to having just left Government 490, which makes this answer more egregious.)

“The highest court of the appellate is the Supreme Court.” (Ding ding ding, we have a winner!)

“They make the … most serious of decisions.”

(Back to the “They determine laws, right?” girl) Joseph: “Can you name one Supreme Court Justice?” Girl: “Uh, well there’s the one woman.” Joseph: “There are actually three women.” Girl: “Well there’s the really old woman.”

(Back to “checks and balances” boy.) “Other than Scalia who just died? Probably not.”

“Not off of the top of my head, no.”

“Uhm, no, not really.”

“Well I don’t really know much about the courts.”

(Two girls) “Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” “Clarence Thomas.”

(Back to the girl who actually knew what the Supreme Court is.) “Sotomayor. Kagan. Thomas. Roberts. Ginsburg. Kennedy. And Alito?”

(Back to “most serious of decisions” guy.) “There’s that old lady that I always see.”

Only one other student could name another Justice.

Unfortunately, we’re seeing more and more of these videos posted to social media and, while they are fun to watch, it’s indicative of the educational decline in this country. It’s socially acceptable (and in some cases even encouraged) to know more about pop culture and celebrities than it is to know about the workings of the federal government.

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