Watch What Happens When Pro-Migrant French Are Asked to House a Refugee

It’s funny; the left is always pushing for countries to take in more refugees and migrants, especially from Middle Eastern countries in turmoil, but what happens when they are asked to take a migrant into their own home?

Many usually say “of course I would house and help a migrant,” but in reality, would they?

A television show in France decided to put this to the test. They not only took to the streets to ask people if they wanted more immigration, but they asked people if they would take a migrant into their own homes.

All of the people they asked were absolutely for more immigration and would absolutely take a migrant into their homes. There was no question about it.

Until they actually produced a migrant and said he needed to stay somewhere.

Every single one of the people who said they’d take a migrant into their homes, refused. They each used different excuses, but they all refused when actually faced with the real choice of taking in a migrant.

And that’s how the left rolls. They are always the “Not In My Backyard” crowd. They want others to take care of migrants and others to house them, but they won’t do it themselves. They’ll pay money to help but they don’t actually want the migrants “in their backyard.”