Americans Asked to Find North Korea on a Map And You Can Guess How it Ends [WATCH]

Late-night talker is no conservative, but his man-on-the-street interview segments are always useful for documenting the sad state of public knowledge.

His latest, Mashable reports, tackles the topical terror of North Korea. Spoiler alert: the results are not good.

Given the seriousness of the situation, you would think Americans at least knew very well where North Korea is. Like, they would be able to point it on a map while blindfolded.

Well, you’re 100% wrong.

Jimmy Kimmel sent someone on Hollywood Boulevard to interview random Americans about the possible military action against the authoritarian country, and asked them to find the country on a map.

The results are, well, quite discouraging, even though the video was edited to show the worst answers. Seriously, just watch it, and despair.

Nobody could pinpoint it. Most gestured vaguely at Asia, though a couple hedged their bets so widely that their hand movements encompassed part of Africa. Three people gestured toward Canada and the Arctic, and two even pointed to South America and Australia.

For the record, here’s the country’s actual location, courtesy of

Being unable to get within North Korea’s general vicinity is a damning indictment of public geography education (looks like California might as well knock another subject out of its college requirements), but to not even be able to get the right continent? The right hemisphere? Placing North Korea on our continent?

That’s an entirely different level of obliviousness. And it makes us long for Calexit to become a reality even more.