Big City School District Bans “Racist” Word to Avoid Offending Anyone

Political correctness is out of control in the United States, but at least we’re not Canada … yet.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that the Toronto District School Board, following the advice of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, has removed the word “chief” from all job titles at schools within its jurisdiction, because it could — somehow — offend people from indigenous cultures.

“Chief financial officer,” “chief academic officer,” “chief communications officer” … they’ve all got to go, in the name of purging language of any word that some maladjusted hand-wringer could choose to se a sinister hidden meaning to if they squint hard enough, no matter how benign or harmless the word is, no matter how simple or obvious its actual meaning is.

“It may not have originated as an indigenous word, but the fact is that it is used as a slur in some cases, or in a negative way to describe indigenous people,” Ryan Bird, a school board spokesman, said in an interview last Wednesday.

“With that in mind, as it has become a slur in some cases, that’s the decision the administration has made to be proactive on that,” he added.

Damien Lee, an assistant professor of indigenous studies at the University of Saskatchewan, told the Toronto Star that the word carries “baggage.”

“It has been used as a pejorative,” he said. “Some people will use it in a kind of demeaning way.”

Seriously? Is this a real problem in Canada that living, breathing people are actually experiencing? Even assuming that it is, why exactly can’t the offended be expected to exercise a modicum of common sense and maturity and distinguish between people who mean a racial slur and people who just mean, well, “chief”?

As I’m sure you all recall, here in the United States we’ve had similar controversies — and by “controversy” I mean ginned-up outrage coming from the media and activists, not genuine concerns expressed by meaningful numbers of normal people — over the name of the Washington Redskins football team supposedly offending our indigenous populations. And yet while white liberals presumed to be offended on behalf of Native Americans, polls showed that a whopping 90% of Native Americans were perfectly fine with the name, despite “Redskins” obviously being much more racial than “chief.”

Speaking of the National Football League (from a simpler time when they were the targets of left-wing agitators rather than willing partners), isn’t it odd that the Redskins freakout never seemed to extend to the NFL’s other Indian-themed team, the Kansas City Chiefs? Apparently that was too far for America’s PC police to attempt. Are Canada’s leftist citizens that much more sensitive, or are their PC police that much more aggressive?

What do you think about this story? Has Canada’s culture of political correctness reached critical mass yet, and is there any hope that sanity will be restored to our northern neighbors? More importantly, how long do you think America has before we reach that point? As always, share your thoughts and predictions below!

Hat tip: Fox News