Blood Sucking Tick With Killer Disease ESCAPES During Press Conference

As if we needed another example of government incompetence to show why we don’t want these fools running our lives.

At a press conference aimed at warning about a deadly disease being spread by a tick, a Japanese government agency lost the tick after the officials brought it out for display. The Miyazaki Prefectural Government had one live and one dead tick to show the press, but the live one somehow got away.

After it was brought out of the test tube, the toxic little critter scurried away and the officials were unable to recover it.

After it got loose, the press conference devolved into a panic, and the entire area was sprayed to (hopefully) kill the possibly infected bug.

The event was aimed to highlight the dangers of a disease known SFTS, a virus which has no known cure and a fatality rate of about 20%.

Miyakazi Governor Shunji Kouno stated that “We should have been more careful about safety management. Things like this should never happen again.”

Well, obviously! A tick that has a potentially fatal virus that has no cure, and it was carelessly handled in a manner that allowed it to escape to who knows where?

The ancient Japanese culture of honor would have likely mandated that these officials commit Seppuku, the ritual disembowelment done by an official on himself after a mass failure.

But what is to be done about this possibly infected tick now on the loose? Who knows…

After all, this was a government institution that lost control of the bug, and who will hold the government accountable for mistakes it makes? It’s the classic case of the wolf guarding the hen house.

Imagine if this were a private scientific organization. I bet those people would be in jail already for such careless treatment. Let’s hope and pray that this tick is not infected with the virus, and that no one catches the disease because of this government’s carelessness and incompetence.

H/T The Sun