BOOM: Czech Republic Parliament Passes Constitutional Right To Bear Arms

The right to bear arms might soon be Constitutionally recognized the Czech Republic.

The lower parliament recently passed legislation “that would see the right to bear firearms enshrined in the country’s constitution.”

According to Breitbart:

Similar to the U.S. second amendment to the Constitution, which gives Americans the right to keep and bear arms, the Czech legislation reads: “Citizens of the Czech Republic have the right to acquire, retain and bear arms and ammunition.”

The amendment also notes that the right is there to ensure the safety of the country, similar to the provision of a “well-regulated militia” in the American amendment.

Whilst the new law will enshrine the right for Czech citizens to purchase and own firearms, members of the public will still need to acquire a weapons certificate.

Why do we see a push by the Czech legislature now?

This is an attempt by the Czech Republic to distance themselves from the European Union “directive from March which sought to prohibit semi-automatic firearms and magazines” because, as Czech’s Interior Minister noted, “we do not want to disarm our own people at a time when the security situation is constantly worsening.”

Huh. That is an interesting idea.

Arming citizens so they can protect themselves from harm. Very, very interesting…

We should try something like that.

Wait, no. Lefties want us do the exact opposite.

Mass shootings in the United States creates calls for more stringent gun control (thought there are already laws in place that the attackers have broken, many many laws).

We could learn something from the logic of Czech lawmakers.

The Czech Republic “has one of the largest rates of firearm ownership in the EU with an estimated 300,000 gun owners who own around 800,000 individual firearms.”

Moreover, Czech leaders have “rejected EU plans to redistribute migrants from Italy and Greece raising concerns over security.”

Is there some type of study-abroad program in the Czech Republic we can send some of our liberal lawmakers to?