INSANITY: Cop Warns Supermarket That ‘Feminine Care’ Aisle is Sexist

Sometimes parody resembles real life so much that you cannot distinguish between the two.

That’s pretty much what happened with an actual Sussex Officer who was tweeting about things he believed to be politically incorrect while off duty on his Twitter account.

Unfortunately, his ridiculousness mirrors what is actually going on around the world with the left. They are actually worse in other countries, if you can believe it. From The Telegraph:

An overly PC Pc has faced a backlash after warning that “feminine care” supermarket signs are sexist.

Sergeant Peter Allan, Sussex Police’s hate-crime officer, became embroiled in a Twitter storm after advising Tesco and Sainsbury’s to swap feminine-specific signs for alternatives such as ‘personal hygiene’ and ‘personal care’.

The officer has since faced criticism online, labelled ‘meddlesome’ and told he was wasting taxpayers’ money.

The controversy began after the officer tweeted Sainsbury’s saying: “It’s an issue of gender identity. Men may use the products. Indeed men’ s products were on the shelf. ‘Personal Care’ perhaps.”

He then tweeted Tesco saying: “Need to update. Especially with products 4 men on shelf. ‘Personal Hygiene’ perhaps. What about your other stores? Should be gender neutral if mentioned at all.”

The sad part is that this guy was serious. While he did it after hours, he wasn’t joking. He is seriously insisting that men can have a menstrual cycle, which is physically impossible. Women who are pretending to be men can get their period, but only women can ever get a period. End of story.

A parody account of the Sussex Police posted Allan’s tweets recently:

Apparently, Sergeant Allan has since deleted his Twitter account, probably for being so damn ridiculous:

Every time these PC police try to claim men who are physically men are the same as women, they are denigrating womanhood. They are nothing more than the patriarchy taking over, again, after years of women fighting for equality.

Not only that, but how in the hell does Sussex afford to pay some yap to be the PC police when they clearly have far more important crimes to be solving that affect everyone, including the LGBTQLMNOP community?

Sussex Police have since confirmed that it is not a parody account and that the comments were posted by Sergeant Allan when he was off duty.

They declined to comment on why their officer had handed out advice to the supermarkets, or whether he was authorised to do so.

Sergeant Allan works with the lesbian, gay and transgender communities and helps to recruit hate crime ambassadors across the county.

Investigating hate crimes is important, but trying to find a hate crime when one doesn’t exist is absurd. Trying to alter what is truly feminine care is a slap in the face to actual women. Wasting money on this lunacy must drive taxpayers crazy!

What’s truly worse is that 99% of the population is being forced to change for a teeny percentage and, being labeled as committing hate crimes or not politically correct if they don’t go along with it.

Most people don’t care what you do to yourself until it starts to affect them on a personal level. Then it becomes an issue and rightfully so.