Famous Billionaire, Wife Found Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances

On Friday night, Barry Sherman and his wife were found dead.

The billionaire who founded Apotex Inc. was found dead in his Toronto home. Authorities consider the death of him and his wife Honey, “suspicious”.

Why would it be considered suspicious? Fox News reported that he and his wife were found “hanging from a railing that surrounds a lap pool inside the house”:

The constable declined to say whether the bodies showed signs of trauma and did not provide details on the time or cause of death. However, he said the deaths were currently not being treated as homicides but added that more investigation would be necessary.

Inspector Bryan Bott of the Toronto Police Service told the Toronto Sun that “at this time we are not searching for any suspects.”

According to The Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Hoskins, minister of health and long-term care for the Ontario province, said Mr. Sherman and his wife were found dead earlier in the day, adding that it is a “very, very sad day.”

Toronto Police Constable David Hopkinson said authorities were treating the deaths as “suspicious,” but haven’t determined whether homicide was involved. He also said the police wouldn’t officially identify the bodies because they have yet to notify the next of kin.

Mr. Sherman founded Apotex in 1974 as a pharmaceutical company that specializes in generic medicine. The company started with just two employees and has grown to more than 11,000 people world-wide, producing approximately 25 billion doses a year, according to the company’s website.

Mr. Sherman’s net worth was recently estimated to be $3.7 billion by Canadian Business, an online magazine, making him one of Canada’s richest people.

We’re not done yet. The plot thickens. Sherman was under investigation by “a federal lobbying commissioner looking into a fundraising dinner held at his home in August 2015, which featured Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a guest of honor.” Indeed, Sherman was known to be a prominent backer of Trudeau.

Mr. Trudeau was among many prominent Canadians who expressed sadness over the couple’s death.

“Our condolences to their family & friends, and to everyone touched by their vision & spirit,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote on Twitter.

If this isn’t a murder-suicide, it may be politics turned sour.

Or, sometimes, it just boils down to money troubles.
As reported by The New York Times:

Mr. Sherman used litigation and pressure on governments to open up the market for generic drugs, turning Apotex into a business with annual sales of more than 2 billion Canadian dollars.

He also was embroiled in a long-running legal dispute with a group of his cousins, who sought about $1 billion in a lawsuit brought in 2006. The complaint, which was based on Mr. Sherman’s relationship with an uncle in an earlier drug company, was finally rejected in September by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Although the police are not looking for any suspects at the moment, it sure sounds like there are plenty.

And, if you find a married couple hanging from a railing, it is likely that someone put them there…no?