Islamic Militias Loot 63 Ships Loaded With Humanitarian Aid

Insurgent militias in terrorist hotbed Yemen have looted more than 63 relief vessels packed with aid:

Insurgent militias in Yemen have detained and looted more than 63 relief vessels packed with aid provided by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, an official said.

That was the tally at Hodeidah and Saleef ports since the coup militias took control of local operations, said Abdul Raqeeb Fatah, the Yemeni minister of local administration and president of the Supreme Committee of Relief.

The official said in a statement on Sunday that militias have detained and looted more than 550 relief convoys in the entrances to the provinces under their control, which caused the deterioration and aggravation of the local humanitarian situation.

The Yemeni official added that the militia control of the port of Hodeidah has become a concern for the international community and a threat to international shipping, especially given that ships carrying humanitarian aid and relief were targeted. The last vessel targeted was a UAE ship carrying medical aid.

Clearly there’s no point in sending aid to Yemen as it quickly gets confiscated by one side or the other. The only way it’s worth sending help is if the aid is inserted directly where needed, but that carries enormous risk.

This is one of those situations where there are no good guys on any side and the USA should let Gulf Arab states handle the situation in their own back yard.

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