Obama Disparages Trump While On “Apology Tour” In Japan

Arrogant Obama 532

While speaking in Japan this Thursday, President Barack Obama had the nerve to slam GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for allegedly being an ignorant know-nothing who cares more about “getting tweets and headlines” than studying policy.

“They are rattled by (Trump) — and for good reason,” Obama said in regard to how world leaders purportedly feel about the nominee, according to USA Today. “A lot of the proposals he has made display either ignorance of world affairs, or a cavalier attitude, or an interest in getting tweets and headlines.”

Really, O’Dumbo?

Writing in Thursday morning’s edition of National Review’s “Morning Jolt,” contributor Jim Geraghty highlighted numerous examples of Obama acting like an attention-seeking teen:

“Gee, Mr. President, where would anyone get the idea that the presidency is a reality show?” Geraghty sarcastically asked.

Moreover, Obama has no room to complain about other’s alleged “ignorance of world affairs” or “cavalier attitude,” given his own stubborn unwillingness to listen to others:

Writing for The Spectator last month, Tim Montgomerie astutely noted that “even before he won the Nobel peace prize, Obama was telling America that his elevation to the presidency would be remembered as ‘the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow’:

He doesn’t have Mr Trump’s gold-plated helicopter, private jet, penthouse and yacht. But when it comes to self-reverence and sheer hauteur there is no one to beat him.

Bingo. For a man who radiates with arrogance, elitism, narcissism and ignorance, Obama had a lot of nerve to disparage Trump while speaking in Japan.

I dare him to say those things to Trump’s face, though I imagine that Barack Hussein Obama is a COWARD as well!