RELEASED: Picture of the Manchester Bomber

Earlier today, TFPP reported that the perpetrator of yesterday’s horrific suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England has been identified as Salman Abedi, a British national. Now we have a face to put with that name.

The UK Sun has obtained and released the first known picture of Abedi:

From the Sun’s report:

The Sun can reveal Abedi had secret jihadi training during family trips to Syria and spooks fear he was not acting alone to carry out the atrocity that ISIS has claimed responsibility for.

The monster – who killed 22 people as young as eight and left 119 others injured in Monday’s deadly blast at Ariana Grande’s concert – was born and grew up in Britain.

But Abedi’s family hail from Libya and he is thought to have visited the North African country – also a haven for ISIS fighters – regularly in recent years.

While the possibility of ISIS aiding this attack cannot be ruled out, as our previous report noted, such a connection has not yet been established. We do know that his parents were refugees, which serves as a grim illustration of what’s at stake in America’s own debate over the admission and screening of refugees from war-torn Muslim nations.

The Sun has many more pictures of police raiding Abedi’s home and of the carnage in the aftermath of the attack.

TFPP will continue to follow the story and bring you new revelations as they unfold.