Reporter Gets Smacked When He Grabs Woman’s Breast Live On Air

A news anchor got a little handsy on the air and got the whack of a lifetime.

BBC reporter Ben Brown was talking with another reporter when a woman walked up into the frame, apparently to cause a little mischief.

But before she was able to do anything, Brown took action.

It was a live broadcast when, during a discussion about the launch of the Labour Party’s election manifesto, the woman appeared.

She was carrying several bags and wearing a leopard print top and black jacket. As she walked up, she said “absolutely fantastic” but was quickly shut down.

Brown reached over and cupped her breast as he tried to push her out of the shot.

It took the woman a second to realize what was going on, but when she did, she leaned back, and whacked him on the shoulder before storming off.

Later, Brown tweeted that the grab was an accident.

“Unfortunate interruption of broadcast in Bradford,” he wrote. “Just tried to minimize disruption but v tricky live on air – completely unintentional.”

Funny – it didn’t look unintentional to me.

Viewers who saw the incident were quick to pass comment on Twitter.

Cameraman Jason Farrington said: “Bit of a boob by Ben Brown…”

Viewers also noticed.

H/T: The Press Gazette