South Korea’s ‘Frankenmissile’ May Be The Key To Ending North’s Nuclear Bases

As the North Korean agitators continue to develop and test nuclear weapons technology, the United States and South Korea are pulling out the stops and preparing all options should diplomacy with Kim Jong-Un fail.

Part of the preparation strategy involves an agreement between the Presidents of South Korea and the United States to remove a limit on bomb size for the South Korean military. Previously, the South was limited to bombs no larger than approximately 1,100 lbs.

However, that limit has since been removed, and the South will now develop a bomb known as the “Frankenmissle’ to take care of the North’s underground nuclear bases, the Telegraph is reporting.

South Korea already has the capability of firing ballistic missiles with a range of up to 800km, allowing it to hit anywhere within the pariah regime to its north. But its deterrence capability has until now been curbed by a restrictions on the payload of its missiles.

Seoul’s new plans to develop new missiles capable of carrying 2 tonne bombs will allow it to attack North Korea’s extensive underground military facilities on its own, without depending on America’s Bunker Buster Bomb.

The so-called “Frankenmissile” is just one of several new tactics intended by the South to build up its military muscle as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un rapidly accelerates his missile and nuclear weapons programme.

The Frankenmissile is allegedly designed to be a kind of bunker-buster bomb, which penetrates underground before exploding. Traditional bombs detonate on the surface, but for entrenched locations bombs with ground-penetration capabilities are necessary.

The North Koreans have buried several nuclear sites underground, often in mountains. We have reported that the North has done a great deal of testing inside of a mountain, but the testing may actually cause the mountain to collapse in on itself, and subsequently release tons of radioactive material into the surrounding region.

Researchers are convinced all of the explosions are coming from that one location – underneath a mountain in the North Hamgyong province in the northern part of the country.

Having one location to conduct all of your illicit nuclear testing is convenient because one location is much easier to defend than many. There’s just one glaring problem: All those explosions are destabilizing that nearby mountains and Chinese scientists monitoring seismic activity in the area there is a risk of a “major environmental disaster.”

So at least one site may be taken on out by the North Koreans’ own stupidity. Nonetheless, there are multiple other sites where nuclear weapons work is done.

The Telegraph also reports that the South is preparing their “decapitation strike” team, to target and eliminate the North’s leadership should war take place. This team would possibly be joined by a Navy SEAL team.

Hopefully war does not break out, though. Another war on the Korean peninsula would be catastrophic for all parties involved. It would likely involve tens of thousands of American troops, and possibly many more South Korean troops invading the North, risking the start of a nuclear war.

Kim Jong-Un seems unstable enough to actually use the weapons should he have a mind to. War must be averted at all costs, but a nuclear holocaust must also be avoided at all costs. Talk about being between a rock and hard place.