Terrorism Aside, There is an Even Greater, Long-Term Problem With Massive Muslim Immigration


Most point to the importation of terrorists as one of the chief reasons to put limits on Muslim immigration, but there is a far greater, long-term evil imported into the west along with massive waves of Muslim migrants and it’s one few people are talking about.

As Europe is inundated with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Syria and other Muslim nations it is becoming clear that these gangs of mostly military aged males are wholly uninterested in becoming a true citizen of which ever European nation they’ve migrated to.

Instead of being appreciative, tens of thousands of these migrants are bringing violence, destruction, and rape with them to Europe instead of a desire to become a worthy member of European society.

The most shocking example of this truism was the New Year’s night attack hundreds of migrants unleashed upon Cologne, France.

Gangs of migrants coursed through the city beating French citizens and raping women at will. But, Cologne was only the most visible city attacked as many others experienced the same thing.

Another sad example of this rape of Europe has been occurring in Calais, France.

The large Muslim refugee camp at Calais has turned the city into what some have called a “war zone” with migrants marauding through the city stealing, raping, and committing acts of vandalism.

As Western Journalism explains in a recent video, Calais is a major port city in northern France and is the principal ferry crossing point between England and France near the Channel Tunnel. Calais now has thousands of migrants are living in a camp known as the “Jungle.”

In its video, WJ reveals the testimony of a Calais resident who tells what life is really like for the people of her town since the invasion of illegal Muslim migrants began.

The middle aged woman told an audience that Calais “used to be a very nice town” but since the refugee camp was founded literally thousands of migrants careen through the city destroying, stealing, and attacking everything in their path.

“They bash cars with iron bars, the attack people — they even attack children — there are rapes, there is theft, it is unimaginable what we suffer,” the resident said plaintively. “They enter private houses when people are at home, they just enter, they want to eat, they help themselves, sometimes they also bash the people, stealing what they can and afterwards what they cannot take they destroy.”

The woman said the more the migrants are given the more they demand. She also noted that when local citizens are beaten and robbed the police do nothing saying only, “what do you want? They all look the same; we can do nothing.”

The woman was furious saying the French government has abandoned Calaisians.

Finally the woman railed against those foolish enough to say that this sort of untrammeled immigration “enriches” French culture.

“I ask myself where their cultural riches are,” the Calais resident said ruefully. “Because if it is to sack, to destroy, to steal, to rape and so on, the French were fully capable of doing it themselves, one had only to ask.”

France isn’t alone, of course. By some estimates gangs of illegal Muslim migrants have committed more than 200,000 crimes in Germany since the “refugee” crisis emerged. It’s gotten so bad that the normally uber tolerant German electorate are now saying that officials should be allowed to shoot and kill illegals trying to cross the border in contravention to the law.