Top ISIS Commander Killed; Senior Leader Captured

Iraqi troops have killed a top ISIS military commanderer and captured a senior intelligence officer and leader:

Mosul ( Iraqi government troops recaptured a mosque in western Mosul’s Old City and killed a senior Islamic State leader as troops invade the group’s last enclave in the city.

Federal Police chief, Lt. Gen. Shaer Jawdat, said his forces liberated al-Hadin mosque in the Old City and killed Abu Bakr al-Masri, a senior military commander with IS at Bab al-Jadeed neighborhood.

Iraqi forces, which invaded the medieval Old City district on Sunday, are primarily eyeing the Nuri al-Kabeer Mosque, the place where IS supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed taking over a third of Iraq and Syria in 2014.

Shaker (Hadoula) Dawood, Islamic State’s top intelligence official in Nineveh

Shaker (Hadoula) Dawood, Islamic State’s top intelligence official in Nineveh

Iraqi forces took over eastern Mosul in January and have been sweeping through the western side since mid February.

A few hundred IS fighters are believed to be entrenching in the Old City, seeking protection in the middle of 100.000 civilians who are believed to be used as human shields and shot dead once trying to escape.

On Sunday, Iraqi forces also arrested another senior IS leader.

Parliament member Mishan al-Jubouri wrote on facebook that forces arrested Shaker (Hadoula) Dawood, Islamic State’s top intelligence official in Nineveh.

ISIS leaders and fighters need to know their days are numbered and they need to either lay down arms and surrender or face instant death.

“Mad Dog” Mattis and President Trump are serious about eliminating the ISIS threat and are not pushovers and sympathizers like former President Obama and his team.

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