What The World’s Nations Are Best At, Revealed In One Map

Fun trivia facts for your Monday. Find out in what category every country excels.

In a quick glance, the “International Number Ones” map shows you what is each country’s sweet spot.

From New Zealand’s Chinook salmon to Botswana’s diamonds to Paraguay’s positivity, this map can make each country feel a bit of pride and distinction. Well…except Namibia for their car crashes…and Yemen for their gender inequality…Honduras for their murder…

And, I guess the United States shouldn’t be too proud of spam emails…but all hail the free market!

According to the UK Independent, the researcher behind the map, Mr. McCandless, said “it took three weeks of solid work to complete a map, a process that required ‘roving news articles, rifling big databanks (UN, World Bank, CIA World Factbook) and doing specific Google searches.'” He continued:

Where there were multiple options for some countries, we chose the most interesting or entertaining possibility – and kept the alternatives in the datasheet.

We tried to have really good quality sources for each entry. But we bent our own ‘information is beautiful’ rules a little to include the occasional lower quality secondary source just to try to hit our goal and finding something for every country. It’s meant as a light-hearted graphic.

The healthiest thrive in Singapore. The best Scrabble players live in Nigeria. The wealthiest reside in the UK.

And my favorite: the best pizza eaters make their homes in Norway.

I know where I’m headed next.